Gong Reiki

The energy healing of Reiki and the healing sound of the Gong.

A combination of healing energies to serve you in the best way possible. The magical sound vibrations of the Gong will clear your aura, prepare, and open each of your chakras as the healing energy of Reiki is provided to each individual chakra. The Gong Reiki is a perfectly co-ordinated form that works across all your chakras to provide a powerful and unique experience.

The Gong Reiki session runs for 90 minutes, and it will all be customised for your needs. It is a unique and beautiful way to treat yourself and look after your well-being.

Unique Gong Reiki : 90 minutes, £180,  Marylebone London

About Jeanette and Ameet

Ameet is a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher and member of The Reiki Association UK and Jeanette has trained as a teacher in Gong and Yin Yoga. Ameet and Jeanette both met at the Light Centre Marylebone where they work. They came together in early 2021 with the seed of an idea to combine these healing techniques  to be able to provide Gong Reiki sessions to clients.


“The reiki and gong combination is a very beautiful and profound experience. As the gong works its magic to clear your aura the reiki flows in so easily chakra by chakra.  If you are feeling frazzled and worn down by the intensity of the city this is the perfect rebalancing therapy.   Ameet and Jeanette are both such kind and thoughtful people and make you feel very safe and at ease. I would say this is the ultimate treatment to nourish the body and soul.  I can’t wait to do this again soon!”

London November 2021


“Such a beautiful experience.  I didn’t know what to expect and the balance and connection I felt with these two beautiful therapies together was amazing.  I felt very supported and nurtured throughout the session yesterday by Jeanette and Ameet which allowed me to totally submerge myself in deep relaxation and felt a deep sense of restoration throughout.  I went in with a headache I had not been able to shift for several days, and the session cleared it completely. I felt both a lightness and deep relaxation after the session and a sense of grounded wellbeing.  The gong and the reiki worked seamlessly in unison, and I will be definitely booking some more sessions.  This feels very special, and I love having the opportunity to experience two holistic healing therapies together in one session.


Rachel, London November 2021