For me, health is my number one priority so I am always looking for ways to optimize my health. I believe true health comes from caring for our physical, mental, emotional, environmental, nutritional and Spiritual needs.

Below are companies and products that has helped me along the way. Nothing better than to share the things I love and that I hope can be helpful for you as well.

Let me know if you have any question and as always contiune to lead with your heart.


I just love to read! I usually always have at least 2 books with me, wherever I go. My bag is always heavy, but it is worth it..haha. Here are some of my favorite books.

I do my best to continue to update and upload as I go.


A good night sleep can make a big difference. Waking up feeling rested and ready to start the day, is a wonderful feeling. To make sure you get a good night sleep, create the habits that works for you. Turn off the wifi an hour before, don’t eat directly before going to bed or maybe you take some time to just breathe before sleeping. Also check to see if your pillow, topper and duvet is the optimal choice for you. For me the Panda London company has helped me to level up my sleep. The level of rest and relaxation my body and mind receives is beyond.


The first thing to do when it comes to food is looking at the ingredients. If you don’t understand a word, you either look it up or you put the product back. A lot of times after looking the word up, you might also want to put it back! Eat as much real food as possible, learn to cook if you don’t know already. Know where your food is coming from and maybe you even learn to grow your own food. Make it simple but keep it real. Treat your body, mind and soul, because you are worth it.

Here comes some of my favorite places when it comes to food:

United Kingdom


 Planet Organic


Renée Voltaire



Magic Mix

Caravan Of Dreams


For me being around souls that are here to listen to you with an open heart and mind is the best thing in the world.  A community that you can also join daily for breathing and meditation no matter where you are in the world, is the best way to recharge your heart so you can get ready for each day.

Come and join us: Lads Talk Health