Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga we stay in each pose for a longer period of time in order to reach the deeper parts of our body, like our joints, fascia and ligaments. It is a slow and meditative practice with loads of benefits for your health and strenght.



The purpose of meditation is to bring awareness and cleanse the mind. We train the mind to not get lost in the past or the future so we instead can enjoy the present moment. Just like our bodies will get stronger with consistent training, the same goes with our mind.


The gong is an ancient instrument that works on all levels to heal and transform. It releases blocks, reduces tension and it can help us ease into a meditative state. This deep level of relaxation and physical release can help you reach a peaceful and clear state of body and mind.

In Studio Group Classes £16

Online Group Classes £8

Yin Yoga One To One £65

Yin Yoga Online One To One £45

Gong One To One £75

Group classes and One to One will take place at Light Centre Marylebone. For any of the online classes, we use Zoom. 


“The class was a gentle pace and leaves you feeling very calm and relaxed. The instruction is clear and allows you to go into the posture in a way that is best for you to be comfortable holding it for a little while.
What I noticed the following day was my posture, in that I wanted to maintain a better posture and the sense of calm was still there.”


“The relaxation gong is the PERFECT end to the week. The gorgeous yin postures followed by the gong have you feeling totally blissed out, leaving the weeks stresses behind.

Jeanette has such a lovely warm presence and is so generous with her knowledge and time- this class is like a healing I cannot recommend it enough:) “


“Jeanette’s yin yoga class was a soothing balm for my body and soul. Her soft, calming voice guided me into deep places of relaxation, where I really felt like I was able to let go and rest. Jeanette invites a playful, inquisitive way of moving, breathing and being still – and this permeated right down into my body – the whole session felt gentle and joyful and helped me feel totally comfortable being me!”


“Gong class with Jeanette was a wonderful experience. Jeanette’s was very welcoming, clearly very experienced in yoga and gong practices. During the class, Jeanette’s guidance was gentle and open to let one have their own experience. It felt like the class went super quickly, I was so relaxed and really felt the vibrations throughout my body. Would highly recommend Jeanette and a Gong class!”


“I experienced the class as peaceful and restorative, I enjoyed the poses.”


From the moment I stepped into the Gong session I felt a sense of calmness. The studio had been set up with care, love and attention and this is really what played out through the whole session with Jeanette.  The gentle stretching and breathwork at the start allowed me to leave the day behind me and setting into the peace and tranquillity of the moment. The gong healing was magical, I could feel the sound vibrations envelope me, hold me and take me into deep relaxation. Jeanette seemed completely in tune with my energy state through the session and the gong vibrated accordingly opening my chakras. At the end of the session I was left feeling physically, mentally and spiritually relaxed and yet I felt a clean and clear energy inside.  The session was a real treat and I’d recommend it to everyone.”


“I have to say I found the class really different to any  other yoga class I’ve done, I’m not used to holding postures for that long but it felt like a nice treat for the body and  mind,  some really lovely TLC  through gentle stretching. It brought some calm and peace to my mind and body.  Thank you Jeanette :)”


This Yin class with Jeanette was exactly what I needed. It gave me an opportunity to slow everything down and turn into my internal realm. I usually have trouble sleeping but after taking this class, I slept better than I have in ages. Jeanette holds space for her students in a very special way and her classes are truly an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend taking one of her classes, you won’t regret it ❤


For both Yin Yoga & Gong classes you can wear  warm comfortable clothes that you can easily move in.


For Online Yin Yoga you are welcome to use a yoga mat, blocks, blankets and/or pillows in order to support your body and make the class as comfortable as possible for yourself.  If you don’t have any of it, you can always use what you have at home. Books instead of blocks or folded blankets work just as good. If you prefer yoga without props, you can just simply skip the props, it’s totally up to you.

For in studio Yin Yoga & Gong classes, you are welcome to use your own yoga mat if you would like, otherwise the studio will provide one for you. There are also blocks and bolster if you would like to borrow. It can be nice to also bring a warm blanket to keep oneself warm and cosy.

Are the classes for beginners too?

Absolutely! You always work from where you are and you do what feels best and right for you and your body.