Magic Of Stillness

Enjoying Life, Starts With Enjoying This Moment

I would highly recommend her therapies. Above all, I would like to emphasise her attention and care, which is not something you attain via reading books or through knowledge, but rather by her presence. She holds space for you, making you feel safe and listened to.

I highly recommend Jeanette for any of her offerings she is truly gifted and amazing in all her work.

Thank you from all my heart for being here for me on this journey of healing.

After each session I feel physically, emotionally and mentally lighter, peacefully present.

Jeanette’s yin yoga class was a soothing balm for my body and soul. Her soft, calming voice guided me into deep places of relaxation, where I really felt like I was able to let go and rest.

I had an incredible CST session with Jeanette after injuring my tailbone and experiencing pressure in my head and sinuses as a result. She has an extremely calming and overall lovely manner and instantly made me feel at ease. The treatment was amazing and I felt so centred afterwards.

The gong healing was magical, I could feel the sound vibrations envelope me, hold me and take me into deep relaxation. At the end of the session I was left feeling physically, mentally and spiritually relaxed and yet I felt a clean and clear energy inside.

She has such a peaceful and calming energy that anyone will feel comfortable with her straight away. She’s always so on point and intuitive with her sessions. I’m so grateful for her healing, and all the love and energy she puts into every session.

The class was a gentle pace and leaves you feeling very calm and relaxed. The instruction is clear and allows you to go into the posture in a way that is best for you to be comfortable holding it for a little while.


Too Much Stress Creates Dis-ease

As I am sure we have all experienced, when we are in a state of too much stress, logic disappears and it is all about surviving. Being in a constant state of stress has even higher consequences. Either you can wait until you feel so much dis-ease within you that you have to change or you can decide right now to change. 

Email me today so we can see how we can find the best way for you to not only get into a state that allows you to enjoy life, but also thrive.